EQ2 - How to create oddly colored player characters!

When you're playing EverQuest II; Do you ever want to have a pink ogre, green ratonga, or how about a fusia kerra? Here is how you can do it. Keep in mind that this may violate the EULA. However it has not been confirmed to be a breach, but you may want to keep this to yourself just in case. The first thing you will need to do is go into character selection and click the button to create a new character. Next you will want to choose froglock since the froglock has many more color options then the other races. This will give you a good selection. Now you will need to change that froglock green. Then you click the save button at the bottom of the screen to save it as a character customization file. Now what you want to do is change the froglocks color yet again, without changing anything else. Change it to whatever color you want. if you want green as your color, then you should have chosen a different color for the first saved file. We will use blue for our example. Then you want to save that copy of the froglock the same way you did the first one. You will need to go to your everquest 2 folder on your hard drive, and look for the saved_customization folder to find the files. For example, my folder looked like this.

Now you want to get yourself a HEX Editor. You can find free ones on Google, by searching for "Free Hex Editor". The one I'm going to use for this tutorial is called Hex Editor Neo. Download! It is a free one that allows you to select a bunch of text and past it rather then having to type in all in single character at a time. What a Hex Editor is, is a tool that allows you to crack into files and change the information within. using notepad is not going to work here so you NEED a hex editor. Go with Neo. When you install Neo, make sure you don't check the option to intigrate it with windows explorer. It gets in the way if you do.Load up both saved files into the Hex Editor, and compare the code of each one. Here is the green and blue froglocks i saved before making this tutorial.

If all that text just scared you, you may want to have someone else do this for you... If you are feeling brave enough to edit code, lets continue... :P We are going to only pay attention to the far right column. The one with the medium shade of yellow for it's bnackground color. You will notice both saved files look exactly the same except for a small area on the 3rd line. The differences between the 2 files is the color code. The first code is for blue, the second is green.

Since blue is the color we wish to use to paint our future character, we need to highlight the code and save that somewhere for later on. Now what we want to do is go back into character creation, create a new character, pick whatever race you desire, customize it however you wish, and using the in game tools, color it whatever color you want. Save a copy of it like you did the froglocks, then color it again a different color, save the second copy. For example we are going to create a male ratonga. One of them is black, the other is white. That should be the only difference between the two.

Then we follow the same steps we did for the froglocks.

Compare the codes, and select the part that is different, but don't copy it. You see on the bottom one where it's underlined? paste the code from the blue froglock here to overwrite the existing part. make sure you only replace that part. If you change any other part of this file, you will screw it up. Now you save a new file and give it whatever name you wish. For example i saved mine as resultratongablue.ccf. Now you go into character select again, create character, load up the race you wanted to go with before, as i went with ratonga. Make sure you pick the same gender you picked last time or it wont work. Load up the file you just saved, and you should end up with a blue ratonga just like this.

Keep your saved file handy because any future changes you make to your appearance will reset the color. I have a female pink ratonga that i tried to change their fur pattern once, which turned them gray so i had to reload the file again. If this did not work for you, you may need to either try it again, or have someone else do it for you. I hope this worked. Good luck customizing. :)

Here are the example character files I used in this tutorial.
Example Green Froglock
Example Blue Froglock
Example Black Ratonga
Example White Ratonga
Result Blue Ratonga